Victim Advocates providing assistance.

The Domestic Relations Court gives high priority to allegations of Domestic Violence which the Court recognizes is one of the most difficult social problems of our time.

The Court works cooperatively with the VALU program, a special project of Community Legal Aid Services that is completely separate from the Court. The VALU office is presently located in the Basement of the Mahoning County Courthouse.

About VALU?

VALU is staffed by a coordinator and volunteers who receive special training to assist victims by walking them through the legal process of filling out their Petitions, filing them with the Clerk of Courts and accompanying them through hearings.

The Hours of operation for VALU are Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

The VALU office can be reached at (330) 742-5856 or (330) 742-5857.

The Court also makes available an onsite trained Counselor for victims to talk to.

For more information about Domestic Violence, click here.

The following are the Ohio Supreme Court's Domestic Violence forms:


Petition for Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
Revised 3/1/14
Ex-Parte Domestic Violence Ex Parte Civil Protection Order
Revised 3/1/14

Consent Agreement and Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order
Revised 3/1/14

Full Hearing Civil Protection Order Revised 3/1/14
Motion to Terminate CPO Revised 6/17/14  
Motion to Modify or Terminate CPO Revised 4/2/14
Motion for Contempt of CPO Revised 4/2/14
**A complete set of the CPO Forms in both Word and PDF format can be found on the Ohio Supreme Court Website by clicking on the following link: CPO Forms


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